I am a data scientist/programmer who is currently working for AstraZeneca.
I have a master in applied statistics and Ph.D in Chemistry. I have strong programming skills using SAS, R, and Python and I am interested in designing and building web application using Flask/Python, Django, and R-shiny. You can check my linkedin page and my github page.

If you want to contact me, send me an email.

Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, I also like to play basketball, watch and play tennis.

R (Shiny) web application

The followings are written using R and hosted in the Rstudio’s shiny web server.

  1. This is a simple plot using ggplot2 for daily average temperature of a selected city: https://pm2014.shinyapps.io/temperaturePlot/
  2. Stock chart shiny app : https://pm2014.shinyapps.io/R_stock_chart/
    The stock chart app with enhanced design : https://pm2014.shinyapps.io/stock2/
  3. A simulation for fair coin toss game (to simulate the expected number of toss to get consecutive heads): https://pm2014.shinyapps.io/coinToss/
  4. Plot the history of the average price for greater boston area cities and the forecast for the next 12 months: https://pm2014.shinyapps.io/BostonHousing/

Flask (Python) web application

  1. A simple html page using the bootstrap theme written using the flask web framework (all links in this page is also included in it): Portfolio site hosted on Openshift by red hat

  2. TJU(Tianjin University) Alumni Association at Greater Boston (TJUAA-Boston) website: http://tjuboston.org/.
    Technology: PaaS openshift.

  3. BPN(Boston Professional Networking) website: http://www.bpnboston.com/.
    Technology: virtual host from Digital Ocean.

Django (Python) web application

The followings are written using the Django web framework and hosted in the OpenShift Cloud platform by Red Hat.

  1. An RSS aggregator test websit which use a cron job to automately get latest RSS from sources: http://opendjango-pm2014.rhcloud.com/blog/

  2. An ecommerce site which uses the payment from Stripe (the test credit card number is 4242424242424242): http://open-pm2014.rhcloud.com/


R web application

城市日均气温历史纪录图 这个是用R写的一个利用天气数据制图的例子。
相似的,一个抛硬币游戏的模拟 计算机模拟抛硬币过程来估算得到连续头像所平均需要的次数。
类似的,总结和预测波士顿的房子价格。 Plot the history of the average price for greater boston area cities and the forecast for the next 12 months.

Django (Python) web application

新闻头条查看和文件上传下载 另一个App,新闻的聚合和文件的上传下载。

电子商务 另外一个:测试电子payment。可以使用正常的邮箱测试,信用卡号 4242424242424242 。